Yamaha hs50m speaker manual

The high yamaha freq are just amazing and very true sounding.
And the yamaha HS50M's would be my choice of the bunch.
Do keep in mind that the low freqs arent super present, so a dubbelcheck with headphone or other monitor is recommended when using for mixing/producing.Advertisement, related Products m, login, don't have an account?Other than the obvious lack of really deep low-end, (150Hz and below the HS50M's are a very well balanced and pleasing monitor to use.What you may not expect speaker is how good these monitors really are.This speaker may sound odd, speaker why try to re-create what is arguably one of the better nearfield monitors ever made?I've tried several speaker other monitors in this yamaha class/size/etc. Their intended use is NOT to "thump but to be precise in their clarity and definition.
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Showing slide current_slide of total_slides - Yamaha.I've seen the HS50M's version selling for widely variable prices so definitely shop sims around and find the best you can.The HS50M's deliver an incredibly close approximation of the characteristics of the time-honored NS-10's.This of course assumes that you have treated your room yamaha environment accordingly cdroller for serious work.The HS50M's are active monitors with the features you would expect from a solid product of it's class and price range.All in all great addon to my studio setup.I suppose Yamaha simply decided, "Hey, we've got all these new manufacturing techniques, several more years of trial and error work done, cheaper materials, etc.They are indeed quite suited for more serious mixing if the nearfield monitoring approach is right crack for you.

Sounds, when the HS50M's are set up in your workspace properly you should not have any yamaha hs50m speaker manual major issues with getting a fairly represented stereo image.
Thank you for your help!