Windows xp manual setup dual boot after ubuntu

Dual ubuntu boot: Windows 8 Ubuntu.04.
Using setup dual a dual command line utility always has its learning curve, so a more productive and better job can be done with a free utility called EasyBCD, developed and mastered during the times manual of Vista Beta.
Here were installing XP Professional on the new partition.You need to type p followed by password.Windows XP requires at least.5 gigabytes of hard drive space.If all went well, you should manual see the grub2 menu.Create dual other partitions if necessary: see.This time we will add after the hard drive space for Ubuntu to use.EasyBCD.0 Beta (Forum Registration Required rEAD next). If not, go back up, read the homework, then come back to this step.
If generator the partition you created was already formatted as ntfs you can subscription leave it, or you can choose the FAT file system if you want.
This part should be pretty self-explanatory so I will let you complete it with generator your serial own choices.
After you double-click on the install icon it will first ask you to pick your preferred language.But even if our Ubuntu and grub2 did not fully support EFI, manual it's fine.You can now truly enjoy your new machine.The three partitions will be used for the root swap and home home) for our Ubuntu.04 Trusty Tahr installation.There are challanger two different approaches: Recovering grub after reinstalling Windows Please refer to the Reinstalling grub2 guide.Time to enter your personal information.Dd if/dev/sda of/n bs446 count1 Install Windows Boot into a LiveCD Mount your root partition in the LiveCD Restore the MBR.g.Some computer manufacturers that pre-install Windows provide a Windows recovery/re-installation CD or DVD generator with the computer.Highlight the new partition you created and press Enter to install.Once you're ready, hit Install now.Once you have created a physical backup disc from a restore-image partition on the hard-drive, the restore-image partition can either be removed or left in place.Choose one and click Forward.Last thing to do before proceeding is check the box next to ext3 to format and then click Forward.Examine hardware setup, let's take a closer look at our Asus Ultrabook.

#2 Add MD5 windows xp manual setup dual boot after ubuntu Password To Grub Configuration File.
Windows XP Ubuntu.04, what you will need: Windows XP Boot Disk.