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Visual studio 2012 document iso

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A topic typically contains two sections: Metadata (see Content Metadata Reference data about the topic, for example, the topic unique ID, keyword value, the topic TOC ID, parent node ID, etc.
This property is accessed directly by the query library; it is not stored in the index file.
However, all language versions of the topic are displayed in Search results.If false, then we just go to msdn.Date pic setid author thor manager.Help.Locale" content"language-code" / Sets a locale for this topic.For ISO Shell, this is the name of your catalog.This is the documentation formerly hosted on msdn.When the parent node has n number of children nodes, define in the order of child nodes this topic's location.Choose Add, and then choose the Update button (bottom right corner).It is the Help Viewer ID for this topic.In the experimental instance of the Isolated Shell IDE, choose the Help menu.Check for high contrast mode.The ID must be unique among topics in the catalog that have the same locale setting."-1" is considered the topic ID for the TOC root.FeedbackLink LogoTitle!include vs_dev12 LogoFileName vs_logo_f LogoFileNameHC vs_logo_f Feature: Disclaimer Use: A set of case-specific disclaimers for machine translated content.The Help Viewer home page is a system page and so non-replaceable.If the body of the topic does not contain a title div section, this Title is displayed in the topic and in the table of contents.To test this as if deployed: On the machine you are deploying Contoso to, install the downloaded (from above) ISO Shell."F" keywords from earlier versions of Help can be converted to this property.These HTM files iso quality manual requirements can be modified per product.Set the following registry values to enable F1 Fallback for vendor Help content.Start Registry Editor by choosing Run in the Start menu and entering Regedit.
Name the project ContosoHelpShell) to create an extensibility project based on the Visual Studio Isolated Shell template.

"C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Help Viewerv2.3HlpViewer.
AppendFormat 0 1 "GripBounds ipBounds messageBoxCS.
meta name"oductVersion" content"version number Specifies the version of the product that this topic describes.