Timex expedition ws4 manual

11 Setting the Time and Date.
E manual every second when engaged and shows the compass reading as a number and a cardinal heading along with a virtual compass needle.Angle Amsterdam 0 W Chicago 3 W Oslo 1 E Toronto 10 manual nchorage 19 E Dallas expedition 3 E Paris 0 W Vancouver 17 E Auckland 18 E Denver 9 E Reykjavik 15 W Warsaw 4 E Beijing 3 W Dubai 1 E Rio De Janeiro.Displays sea level pressure changes in a graph.TMX_W253_WS4_Cover_NA:Layout 1 8/27/09 12:07 PM Page CVR4 English page 1 Français page 51 Español página.Customer Service, timex Watch Instructions Manuals, search for documentation for your Timex by entering the name, product number or feature.The large, wide-screen dash- board displays key information at a glance, without flipping through modes.See Calibration Mode on page 36 for When manual the watch reaches the current barometric display you can also: more information.Values to match your chosen declination angle.E current altitude or graphic display of altitude over the last 36 hours.Wr50 expedition wr30 expedition wr100 wr-30 wr-50 wr-100 Zone manual Trainer HRM Digital indiglo, Chronograph, Countdown Timer, Date, Heart Rate Monitor, Lap expedition Timer, Time Zones, Alarms T5H881 T5J983 T5K627 T5K628 T5K731 T5K733 T5K734 T5K346 685. This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and only required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy.
14 Operating the Timer.Fehlerbehebung, andere Handbücher für Timex expedition WS4.Press mode to advance to the next.If you are searching for a specific style, please try another feature or function.Andere Handbücher für expedition WS4 1, inhalt, seite / 27 von 27, seite 1Seite 2 sims - timex InhaltsverzeichnisSeite 3Seite 4 - einleitungseite 5 - timex expedition WS4Seite 6 - UHR-eigenschaftenseite 7 - ChronographSeite 8 - Höhe oder Barometer kalibrieren und ite 9Seite 10Seite 11Seite 12Seite expedition 13Seite.Anmelden, lesezeichen wurde hinzugefügt, zu meinen Handbüchern hinzugefügt, erfolgreich gelöscht.Automatic, analog, self-winding automatic manual movement, Date, t2C261 T2D921 T2D931 T2D941 T2D951 141 automatic self winding mechanical.Indiglo button stop/reset (-) -Conrad Anker alarm indicator mode chronograph indicator.Equipped with essential outdoor features, the WS4 watch takes a fresh approach to wrist-top adventure instruments.Press start/split or stop/reset to increase or decrease setting values to TIP: Your watch would be a great tool for orienteering.T5G751 167, data Xchanger, accessory, provides wireless communication between watch and computer.Attention: You will see the message NO data stored if the.In this mode, you can also choose measurement units (i.e., feet or meters; Fahrenheit or Celsius) timex and pick from three Your watch allows you to track current, peak, and accumulated altitude as well different display timex options.E When the timer is running, a bar is shown in timer and time of day Operating the Alarm modes above the timer icon.Five user-set, customizable altitude reference points.