My zune has a cracked screen

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Have you baked a cracked LiIon battery and bust your device in the process?One commenter on the post zune on Engadget claims to have experienced an issue similar to this, zune but without zune performing an autopsy on the affected Zune it's hard to prove whether this was caused by the battery or not.'A crack in the screen could screen only result from screen an extreme ammount of pressure on the glass located on the front of the microsoft zune' this is completely rediculous.Lenovo Chromebooks, lenovo Yoga Series Notebooks, lenovo P, Y and Z series Notebooks.But how big zune as problem is this really? . I love the jamies sound quality and I don't miss having eq in the slightest, but I've found it very stressful to use.
Then when you rename the album/artist in the Zune software, it immediately reverts back to unknown again."A friendly tipster's buddy works at a Microsoft kane call center and handles Zune-related issues" isn't really all that credible a source. .Half the time, the album transfers as manuals 'unknown' or update the artist is 'unknown, or it doesn't transfer at all.Yes, whack too much voltage meals through the battery or heat it up and it'll expand beyond those tolerances, but then you have a bigger problem on your hands - the battery is being damaged and could rupture.My responses only come from personal experience.I bought an 80 gig zune and it was great for the month or so that i've had.But it really shouldn't be such hard work.This proves there's nothing wrong with the tagging, it's just a matter of waiting till the Zune decides yay or nay!Yesterday, engadget ran a piece about a possible flaw in the design of Microsoft's Zune PMP: Interesting news on the Zune front: a friendly tipster's buddy works at a Microsoft call center and handles Zune-related issues.And often, when I check what's on the device internet through the Zune software, (like when I'm checking if updated artwork went through I can see it's been applied.You can set up a repair through this page, as long as you've registered minute the device: t/en-us/devices/manage, if you're *not* still under warranty, there are other services out there such as m who will be able to repair your device for a cost.External Displays, Options and Accessories, virtual Mixed Reality, vR Classroom.Engineers will have factored battery expansion into the design. .What about other devices? .Lenovo B and G Series Notebooks.