Mage raid spec new patch

Some people like to put them mage up with patch only 1 charge left.
Head, spellweaver's Turban, obtained from: ubrs raid - General Drakkisath.A lot of this list will last beyond Tier 1 raids.In Raids it patch is usually the case that patch if resistance to a particular school is very common, then Mages will simply respec to get rid of the problem, rather than spec try to look for items that mage reduces enemy resistance.An item that increases Damage done by Spells and Effects by 21 will not add 21 damage to all spells you cast.Weapon: Rod of the Ogre Magi Dire Maul North Wand: Bonecreeper Stylus Scholomance Enchants Helm: Arcanum of Focus gotten from doing the Libram of Focus quest.Is more forgiving than Cone of Cold because you may miss with Cone of Cold even if the target seems to be standing raid right in front of you, which does not happen with Blastwave.But thats not exactly how it works. Scorch does not fly through the air to reach the target, you may be able to do some damage before the enemy spots your location.
You will gain 6 chance to Hit from talents, so the last 10 must come from gear.
Consumables Brilliant Wizard Oil Use: While applied to target weapon it increases spell damage by up to 36 and increases Spell Critical chance.
Drops from bosses in Molten Core or AhnQiraj.Increases health, makes you stay temp alive longer.Get whatever intellect you can from your best possible spelldamage items and that will be fine.Crafting: 2x Wintersbite, thermostat temp 1x Khadgar's Whisker Elixir of Greater Intellect Use: Increases Intellect by 25 for.Talents, the General Mage spec which most mages should have while raiding bike is the 31/0/20 Arcane/Frost which will maximize your damage.Ring 2, maiden's Circle, obtained from: World drop, band of Rumination.Even if patch it's not massively important don't ignore it especially in end-game.For the sake of understanding the math behind resistances, here is a spreadsheet: Note: some spells like polymorph, counterspell and others will either do their full effect or none at all.Major Mana Potion Use: Restores 1350 to 2251 mana.Additionally, I added some information about Enchants and Stats.Target judeus level 63 17 chance to miss.Shivery Handwraps because no one professional goes to lbrs.Increased Spell Damage, chance to Critical Hit with Spells.

Bracer since farming Cenarion epic bracers with hit is pain in ass, i prefer to start Sorcerers Bindings D2 bracer.
Presence of Mind Fire Power 21/30/0 Build PoM Pyro is great Burst and dont take mage raid spec new patch any build-up.