Fire emblem sacred stones gameshark codes

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Release Date: May 23, 2005.
In Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, you must help protect sacred the nation of Renais from the invading codes Grado Empire.Home, gameboy Advance, fire Emblem: Sacred Stones, fire Emblem: Sacred Stones Action Replay Codes.I found fire single code values after my gameshark searching (meaning only codes this one bit of code was controlling exp or health) and sacred respectively, each code (for both of my options) would reflect changes in health or experience.Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones GameShark Codes.Maybe its just my unfortunate luck, but it seems to me that codes do not work at all for svn926, whether fire copied or custom made.Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones Cheats, hints and Tips, questions Answers. Select gameshark option.
emblem I did it as he said for both experience and health, to serial mix it up, of my 1st unit.In game nothing happens.Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones Walkthroughs, game Discussions, experts.If anybody has questions, serial feel sacred free to fire them my way.Enter following codes: M Must Be On 98C524A71FFA 240C19F3D794, aAE8020AB282 and, infinite Turns.Both codes keylogger were in number my cheat list after hitting "add cheat" and they were both enabled.This time, your soldiers can gain experience by fighting new monsters in the Tower of Valni.I do appreciate your effort.So I went onto and I looked up the cheat engine search and watched greyfox's video on how to do the cheat search option.However, I do have to say being able stones to play the games at all rocks.Go to cheat list.This is exactly the same if I try to use the codebreaker slot.

Wow, now this is crazy.
Resetting the game doesn't help either.
Both codes (set and single) go in fire emblem sacred stones gameshark codes without a hitch and they appear to be in working order: labeled, enabled, etc.