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Crate guitar amp repair manual

From experience we can give an approximate price for your amp repair based on sysmptons of the faults but will need to have the unit on the bench to" exactly.
I have a Variac and Ammeter too.I can usually expect to replace most every cap in a 1950s Seeburg.I do have an older Tektronix scope, if it come to that point.We have repaired a considerable number of old 50s and 60s amp from makers such as watkins, Selmer and electrovoice.I have an account at Mouser in case I need to order the mosfets.Marshall The rock classic.Supporting parts on the small power amp board were fine.Thanks for your kind reply sir.Paste was only used on a small transistor held reparacion de monitores lcd pdf down by the heat sink The mosfet used 'Si pads which I read it was not recommended that thermal paste to be used.On the older equipment, it's a given that all paper caps be replaced, such a the Seeburg.We charge a 35 bench charge to open up the amp and diagnose the fault.Acoustic, hardcore, combos, tube, transistor.(ie: no speaker or dummy load) 0 Reply With", 09:11 AM #22 Thank you sir, for the drawings.

Reply With", 07:36 AM #16 Thank you Enzo.
Typical faults listed below for guitar amps can be anything from blown electronic components to broken connectors.
I put in a fuse and upon powerup there was a 1/4 second of hum before the fuse blew.