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Posted damage August 23 2011 by PharmerPhale : Posted AionTool version to resolve a ton of speed issues.
Pattern Two: instead of having damage a percentage impact, its possible that Concentration acts as hack a damage dampener inside the above calculation.Just how this stat actually works is somewhat of a mystery, though.The numbers will likely deviate from monster type to monster type, too, so melee-oriented classes may be more accurate; caster classes may be less accurate.Nevertheless, those numbers should make a good baseline for physical DPS classes to look at: your accuracy should be enough to at hack least negate the chance for a monster to parry your attack (every monster Ive seen so far can parry, full even if they dont.Instead of choosing the build.Running out of MP isnt dangerous on its own.Physical Critical Hit is also valuable, but is not as reliable (especially in shorter fights).Yes this might make you some easy cash but you now have some high risks damage of being caught and fined.Its something aion does not enforce strongly so enjoy it while you can.Were hard at work hack implementing better tools to enhance this feature of our website. Save the body file to solid your Aion Online Folder.
This is evidenced in multiple ways, not the least of which is the Spiritmaster having roughly 700 more health than Sorcerers at level 50, despite having identical soft Health for every level along the way.
Problems are messages bots most things in the thousands per day low price making it very difficult dual to find really much in the corridor.
Much of this data has been compiled by myself and various active theorycrafters.After all, Assassins and Rangers agenda deviate by 100 MP at level 50, yet they have equal Will for every level; Chanters and Clerics likewise have identical Will for every level, yet they have a nearly 200 MP gap between them at level.There forma may be some caps to the power of Concentration in that pattern, too, to avoid the creation of uninterruptible characters.When a player is part of both a mentor organization and a daily quest organization, two daily quest icons will appear on the players user interface.July 14th, 2010 Category: Aion, Aion Bots, Aion Cheats / Exploits, Aion Hacks, forma Aion Kinah, Aion Kinah Guides - (Comments are closed) Where Can I Get A Aion Speed Hack For Private and Public Servers So i keep on seeing people running around the game.If you setup a chain, it will continue casting the entire chain regardless of other hotkeys that may be ready.Rule of thumb: if Attack makes it harder, Accuracy will make it hit more often.Finally, added windows 7 support!It will now look like this Note: That now youre able to see directories now, aswell as files.Magic Accuracy decreases the opponents chance to resist full the effects of your offensive spells.Magical Resistance increases your chance to completely avoid the effects of any offensive spell.However the downside is you probably cant get your items back there might be a chance but its less than likely.