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Active skills for reading book 1 answer key

active skills for reading book 1 answer key

Once you understand your present reading rate you can learn to increase your speed by practicing the hints described below.
Try to avoid rereading.
Depending on what you are reading and why, you will find some of the following strategies useful.
Pearson Education, Inc., Upper Saddle River, New Jersey Ellis, David.Link the information with what you already know and use this to help evaluate the authors statements.This will act as a study guide for the exam.Bottom-Up Implications for the SL Classroom: (Carrell.If there is a lot of terminology you should bring out index cards and create a terminology index as you read question: Before you begin reading, turn the subheadings profx 2.0 best forex manual trading system into questions so that your mind is actively looking for answers rather than passively reading along.The rate increase will only continue if you practice this technique.231-236 teaching key vocabulary items and, in the area of grammar, teaching various cohesive devices.(lexical knowledge) All the aforementioned knowledge sources provide input simultaneously.Check and recheck the information where you hesitate or aren't able to recall details.An active reading method like SQ3R encompasses all of the parts of the described plan.Once you have established that the material is what you need then you can re-read.This variation is called SQW3R, when you begin to, r ead: Look for answers to the questions you first raised.Schema Interference overreliance on knowledge-based or top-down processing.Thinking through reading This technique involves enhancing your understanding of what you read by recognising the level of information that it contains.It views reading is the interaction between reader and text.Keys To Effective Learning/Developing Powerful Habits of Mind.According to Stanovich's interactive-compensatory model: * Top-down processing may be easier for the poor reader who may be slow at word recognition but has knowledge of the text topic.If so, what is my evidence for agreement?This finding supports the activities of "traditional" teachers (Lado, 1964; Finochiaro, 1974) whose approach to teaching reading emphasized grammar lessons and vocabulary instruction; it also supports the recent attempts to integrate reading skills and language development (Eskey, 1973; Baudoin et al, 1977; Silberstein, 1977).We infer meaning from what the writer says.In order to develop good reading habits, the best strategy for dealing with an unknown word may well be to keep reading until the meaning of that word begins to make itself plain in relation to the larger context p rovided.
Find the paragraph in which the reference appears.

Critical reading Critical reading involves exercising your judgement about what you are reading.
Now read that section.