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Therapeutic crisis intervention training manual

therapeutic crisis intervention training manual

V10:2-1-19 (Spring 1966) PDF 1020.5KB* Describes the emergence, during 1944-46, of support for a central intelligence organization, reflecting battles for control among the military, State sim city societies keygen Department, and the FBI and awareness that a congressional probe of the Pearl Harbor intelligence failure would create pressures for.
V37:5-95-104 (1994) PDF 612.5KB* Argues that Donovan's recruiting of scholars into the OSS to provide intelligence-focused research was not the first time in history scholars had been employed in this fashion.
V19:2-39-42 (Summer 1975) PDF 205.8KB* A French account of resistance movements in Europe.
V47:3-1-3 (2003) PDF 160.3KB* A short review of the life of a CIA "Trailblazer who was the Agency's first legislative counsel and the founder and curator of CIA's Historical Intelligence Collection, now the largest professional intelligence collection in the world."The National Intelligence Support Team" by Capt.V7:4-33-40 (Fall 1963) PDF 404KB* Advantages of consolidating military intelligence requirements in a new (1962) DIA center.V8.4:85-86 (Fall 1964) PDF 76KB* Allen, Edward., "Industrial Planning in the US and the ussr", Stud.The end of the Cold War has reduced the need for some secrecy, but the process of reducing classification and declassifying is evolving.V39:5-11-18 (1996) PDF 661.8KB* Discussion (1994) of the future of the Intelligence Community, featuring the remarks of former DCI Robert Gates and congressmen with intelligence oversight and foreign policy responsibilities, calling in particular for a smaller and more focused analytic cadre.Brockmiller, John, "Psywar in Intelligence Operations", Stud.On analysis, staff members believe irrelevance is a greater danger than politicization, which can be kept in check by sound analytic tradecraft.Book review by Louis.V39:5-25-34 (1996) PDF 801.1KB* Evan Thomas' book is a generally perceptive account of the first two decades of the CIA seen through the career of four senior operations officers: Frank Wisner, Tracy Barnes, Richard Bissell, and Desmond FitzGerald.M., "The Ninja", Stud.V48:1-1-10 (2004) PDF 147.0KB* The author asserts that the 2004 war against Iraq, Operation Iraqi Freedom, demonstrated that the revolution in military affairs (RMA) is well underway, even compared with what the US military achieved in the Persian Gulf war a few years earlier.V11:1-25-31 (Winter 1967) PDF 306KB* Borel, Paul., "On Processing Intelligence Information", Stud.An analytic methodologist would help domain experts overcome their own limitations in knowing what analytic methods to apply to specific kinds of problems, how to apply them, and how to synthesize the results in order to make better forecasts than subject matter experts generally make."Dedicating the Berlin Wall Monument" by Vernon."Memoranda for the President: Sunrise OSS Reports to the White House, Stud.V39:5-95-109 (1996) PDF.2MB* An informed and critical review of the 1995 book by the former secdef during the height of US engagement in Vietnam indicates the national costs of persistent disregard for CIA's analytic judgments, which were largely on target both about negative prospects.V7:3-1-14 (Summer 1963) PDF 806KB* Explains why Japan, for historical, psychological, and institutional reasons, is showing little inclination to create an foreign intelligence system that might be appropriate to its growing strength and importance in the international system (1963).V14: (Fall 1970) PDF 564.4KB* Defines basic intelligence and discusses what its objectives and standards of quality should be (1970).V5:2-A21-A34 (Spring 1961) PDF 718KB* "Mission to Birch Woods" by Henry.V37:3-1-8 (1994) PDF.5MB* Barry, James., "Managing Covert Political Action", Stud.