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Cracking sound in breast bone

Physiotherapy with stretching, strengthening, massage, and breathing exercises may be recommended.
Trauma to the chest wall, bones (sternum, ribs, clavicle) and/or joints specifically may arise for a number of different reasons.
Obviously not: m aut viam inveniam aut faciam, 02:33 PM #11 I had that happen before.Not a pleasant experience.Unusual sounds emanating from bones usually arises from the joints rather than the bones itself.I represent angry, gun-toting, meat-eating *ing people!, 07:16 PM #18 tbomb i know what you're saying but my experiences with doctors leaves me thinking that they know nothing about sports injuries.Elevate the side of the chest affected by the injured ligament to promote proper blood flow and reduce inflammation and swelling.For the last 2 weeks now it hasn't gone back to normal i have pain on either side of my centre chest line which i think is the cartilidge joining the ribs to the sternum.Dislocation occurs when the ends of the bones in the joint spaces slips out of the position where it articulates.When to See a Doctor A sternum popping sound with pain, swelling, and a tightening in the chest may require medical attention.The sternal angle joins the manubrium to the body portion of the sternum.This is especially vital with chest popping after a hard fall or direct blow to the chest region.With audio self help books regards to the sternal joints, acute strain can occur with actions requiring the use of the arms in particular like weight lifting.Arch your back upward and look at the floor near your feet so your back hunches, similar to the way a hissing cat looks.Take at least twice as long to exhale your breath as you did to inhale.With this condition, the density of the bones decreases and makes the bone susceptible to fractures.
After years of such things, just about everything i have cracks or pops in the morning., 03:44 AM #7 would your chest-pop qualify for ripley's believe-it-or not, like those people who can squeeze their eyeballs out?, 04:08 AM #8.
Does anybdy else experience the same thing?